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Where is the Best Tech Talent – Countries You Should Hire From – Part 3

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The tech industry is one of the fastest-growing industries globally. With nearly 5 billion global mobile phone users and 40% of the world enjoying internet access, it’s easy to understand why the technology sector continues to rise in the modern age. 

Ultimately, it has created a great vacuum in the jobs sector, attracting millions of tech jobs in different fields of this industry. But, at the same time, it has given rise to tech startups, which now attract talent from every part of the globe.

Some of the tech fields like Virtual Reality, Fintech, Biotechnology, and Artificial Intelligence are among the fastest-growing technologies globally, so these fields are being pursued by millions of students and aspiring professionals who want to make a mark in these fields. 

Given that technology has a global appeal, it is no longer confined to regional boundaries and geographical barriers. Instead, there is immense potential in the tech field budding in different parts of the world. And it gives a chance to tech companies to hire the best talent for the job.

The Impact of Market Size While Hiring from a Country

Over the years, different countries have specialized in certain technologies, making them more appealing for a specific technology. As a result, international companies are inclined toward hiring talent from such regions. 

Understandably, as more people get hired from specific regions, the market size tends to increase for those countries. As a result, some countries are called tech hubs and usually attract most international recruiters.

So, what are those regions? Which countries have the best tech talent on display? Where should companies look to hire tech professionals? Find out all the answers in this post.

Best Countries to Hire for Tech Jobs 

The list of countries that have the best talent includes:

United Kingdom

Some stats suggest that the UK has more than 415,000 tech professionals who have expertise in programming and software development. So it’s a potential tech hub and a great place to hire international talent.


Canada is the most highly ranked country when it comes to tech talent. The software industry is on a continuous rise, and tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Cisco have their offices in Vancouver, meaning tech professionals in this region are highly skilled.


While the USA may not be the top-ranked country in terms of skilled IT professionals, it has many IT professionals. That’s why the US is one of the fastest-growing regions for the tech industry, which means that there are many options for international recruiters to hire tech talent. 


India is a technological hub in the South Asian region. While many Indians have led the top tech organizations globally, for example, Google, Microsoft, Pepsico, etc., it’s a clear indication of the kind of talent possessed by this country. Moreover, Bengaluru is the technological capital of India with an immense talent for recruiters to hire from.  


If you’re willing to pay more without compromising quality, Germany is the ideal place to hire tech professionals. The country is relatively stable in terms of employment rate, with an average IT professional salary of around $ 40,000 a year. So, you may be paying more, but you can expect high-quality services. 


Pakistan specializes in areas like Databases, Distributed Systems. However, most developers prefer Java and C++ for development, and the market size is considerably large in the South Asian region. It’s also one of the quickly growing countries in the freelancing world, so there is immense talent on offer for tech jobs.  


The list of countries with tech talent can be inexhaustive. Some other countries worth mentioning include Nigeria, Kenya, Ukraine, Poland, Mexico, Spain, Russia, Japan, and China. So, if you’re a tech company looking for the best professionals, you know where to hire from. 



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