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Recruiting Overseas Tech Professionals – The Starter’s Guide – Part 1

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Business growth immensely relies on the quality of workers regardless of the size of an organization. That’s why 97% of CEOs consider talent acquisition the top priority for growing businesses. 

But hiring the right talent isn’t always limited to regional boundaries. Hiring international talent is pretty standard these days. Therefore, tech organizations especially are happy to pay remote workers and international tech professionals from different parts of the world to help scale their businesses and expand their reach.

However, hiring international labor isn’t as straightforward as it seems. It’s one of the reasons why companies prefer hiring local talent for different job roles and end up compromising their objectives. 

In this post, find out the essentials of international hiring to start your new recruitment process.

Why You Should Hire from Overseas

Hiring foreign talent has many advantages. For instance, it brings more versatility to your workforce, you won’t need to compromise on quality, and it can often save you from certain tax compliance matters saving your company cost. But the three significant advantages of international hiring for growing businesses include:

  • The breadth of Experience – International tech professionals can bring more experience to your company. Therefore, it allows a company to take up a more comprehensive range of challenges to grow further. 
  • Time Zone Flexibility – When tech companies have employees from different regions like the US, Asia, Europe, Australia, etc., they can handle customers at any time of the day without relying on the workforce from a specific geographical location.
  • Expanding Globally – With many employees from different locations, it is easier for companies to expand into different regions because their employees better understand the local markets and initiate representative offices in those regions.

Ways to Hire from Overseas

Hiring international professionals can be done in a few different ways. Here is a quick look at hiring international tech professionals for your company.

Hiring Through Visa Sponsorship

Generally, top tech companies tend to advertise a job, hire overseas staff, and then sponsor their visa. Although acquiring a visa isn’t always as straightforward, it’s an option that companies consider if they want newly hired employees to work at a specific company branch or office.

For instance, the US offers the H-1B visa for specialty occupations. There may be different eligibility requirements depending on the host country’s policies. 

However, the visa sponsorship method is used when organizations need a highly specialized job role, which they cannot fulfill through the local talent. 

Register a Foreign Branch Office

Tech companies can open a branch office in different regions and hire workforce from there. It’s a seamless but slightly expensive option because opening a branch has many legal and tax-related compulsions. 

Opening a branch office generally requires an Employee Identification Number. However, there may be some legal obstacles in establishing foreign branch offices and may have an increasing legal liability too.

Use a Local Subsidiary for Hiring

Some enterprises can link up with a subsidiary company in the region where they want to hire professionals. Then, when they register with the local authorities through the subsidiary companies, they can hire the local talent without restrictions.  

This way, a company doesn’t need to open a new branch office. However, using local subsidiaries can be an expensive bet. At times, it takes too long to link with a subsidiary company, and there are several compliance obligations too, which make the process longer and more complicated.

Hiring Freelancers and International Contractors

Freelancer hiring is perhaps one of the most convenient ways for international companies to upscale and grow faster. Companies can use recruitment organisations such as to hire freelancers and international contractors globally. 

Hiring freelancers and international contractors have its own benefits, such as:

  • No payroll taxes
  • No need to withhold social benefits for the employees
  • Simplified recruitment with limited legal hindrances.


Hiring international tech professionals is more common than ever as companies now understand the value of a diversified workforce. So, having a clear idea of international hiring can help you to target more relevant tech professionals for your business. 



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