ARInnovate is a specialised consulting firm providing organisations with bespoke software development and cyber security services.

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Cyber Resilience

Severity of Cyber-attacks are increasing day by day at an alarming rate, protecting your business, application, infrastructure, and data is at utmost importance. Our cyber resilience team offers a cyber resilience programme that helps you identify, protect, detect, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks.

  • Incident Response and Management
    • Develop your incident response strategy and prepare you for efficient incident response
    • Test your response with multiple attack scenarios based on your threat landscape
    • Train your incident response team with highly sophisticated techniques and situational awareness to successfully survive and recover from cyber incidents
    • Help you in conducting root cause analysis, post incident analysis and learning workshops
    • Make your response time faster with our remediation guides and incident response playbooks
  • Business Continuity Planning

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory requirements are evolving continuously and meeting those requirements is very critical for a company, failing to do so can cause reputational harm, penalties, etc. Operating companies in multiple countries makes you obliged to comply with various regulations depending on the country. Our compliance team offers a revolutionary approach to effectively implement, manage and audit compliance requirements that keeps your compliance at ease.


  • Conduct gap analysis against all of your regulatory requirements involving different stakeholders like board, clients, partners, etc and produce a report to know your current state
  • Build regulatory roadmap with key milestone, priorities and deadlines and support you through the process of implementing the roadmap
  • Implement appropriate policies, processes and procedures to achieve the compliance requirements
  • Employ a dedicated team on-site or off-site and minimise the cost of highly skilled employees
  • Keep an eye on all the changes on the regulations and support you to implement the changes in your company
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Cyber Operations

As a cybersecurity organisation we are specialised in following aspects in cyber operations,

  • Vulnerability Management
    • Assessment of all assets of your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and managing them till its resolved
  • Threat Intelligence
    • Providing your organisation with customised information of the threat landscape and how it can impact your organisation
  • Security Monitoring
    • Providing SIEM as managed services through collaboration with industry recognised tools ranging from open source to commercial tools.
  • Forensic analysis
    • As part of our cyber resilience expertise, we provide forensic analysis assistance to you as part of the incident response procedures.

Cyber Certifications

We provide consultation services on all major cybersecurity certifications, for SMBs and large organisations alike.

We take your organisation through the full journey and guiding you from the foundation till certification.

We are specialised and experienced in the following industry recognised standards and compliance certifications,

  • ISO 27001
  • GDPR
  • SOC Type 2
  • APRA
  • CPS 234
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